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3 Godawful Movies As Funny As The Room & Birdemic

We like to tell ourselves that “Oh Hai Mark” will never stop being funny.  Whether or not we’re just kidding ourselves and the yawning abyss where our hearts should be eventually devours everything that once gave us joy, it can be good to have some variety.  Variety is, after all, the spice of life.  (Did you know that that proverb was originally a marketing slogan for the commercial newspaper Variety?  True facts.)

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Patch Notes: v2.1.45b hotfix 2

  • FIX:  Village bakers no longer run for mayor automatically unopposed.
  • BALANCE:  Cupcakes are no longer a trendy “in” food.
  • BALANCE:  Armed robberies are now more lucrative if you rob someone that is carrying money or valuables.
  • GRAPHICS:  The trail of slime left by the Metaslug now glistens more colorfully.
  • FIX:  Punching a wall in anger no longer causes the entire building to collapse comedically.
  • BALANCE:  Your neighbors now hate you slightly less.

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