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Episode Guide: Killings File

Killings File was a 2006 reboot of the classic The Strauss File series, starring Paul Credenza as Detective Stanley Ross.  (The name Strauss was considered “too foreign” by network executives.)  Eight episodes were produced, though only four aired.

While Rome Burns
Detective Stanley Ross arrives at his new post in the homicide/terrorism department of the Free City PD.  His skills are immediately tested when a sleeper cell of narcoleptic arsonists intermittently awakens, but who are they working for, and what is their connection with the ostensibly respectable Chemtrailium Corporation?

Blink And You’ll Miss It
Ross thinks there’s more to an accidental optometrist decapitation than meets the eye, but someone on the city council has an interest in a fast resolution with no one looking too closely.  The key eyewitness who could unveil everything is an adorable street urchin named Mandy (Sarah-Marie Streppe).

Out Of Time
Mandy has been kidnapped, and now Ross is in a race against time to win a series of street races against a man known only as the  Street King.  Who is the Street King, and what connection does he have to the vice president of the Chemtrailium Corporation?

Sea Urchin
A pleasant fishing trip with Mandy turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse when a pack of ocelots begins tracking them across the archipelago.  But what is Project Mouse, and what is its connection to the biowarfare division of the Chemtrailium Corporation?

The remaining four episodes are finally being released once a week on Netflix starting in September.


Let Me Tell You About Ten More Doctor Who Audio Dramas

In my last article about Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas, I rounded up all of their free samples, aside from teaser excerpts. At the end of that article, I suggested continuing to Big Finish’s monthly range, and so here we are now.

Big Finish’s monthly range has been releasing a 2-CD full-cast Doctor Who story every month for fifteen years. That is quite a lot of Doctor Who. The prices are tiered by release date, and the first 50 releases are the lowest-priced, so it makes sense to start near the beginning until you know that you want to go deeper and spend more money.

I’m going to give my opinions on Big Finish’s monthly series, starting from the beginning. In this article, I’ll present my opinions of the earliest ten that I’ve listened to (not the earliest ten ever, since my own listening is not thorough). Continue Reading


Let Me Tell You About Doctor Who Audio Dramas

Here’s a candidate for the least controversial statement you’ll read this week: The 1963-1989 series of Doctor Who did not rely on a high standard of quality in its visual effects.

If you think about it from an engineering mindset, you might ask: couldn’t you make Doctor Who more efficiently if you left out the video? That way, producers wouldn’t have to pay for sets and costumes, directors wouldn’t need as many takes, and the audience wouldn’t have to look at a screen all the time while watching it.

In 1999, a company called Big Finish Productions began reuniting casts from multiple eras of Doctor Who to do exactly that. Actors who had portrayed the Doctor and his companions on television returned to their roles for direct-to-audio adventures. When the Doctor returned to television with a new incarnation in 2005, television showrunner Russell Davies personally made sure that the new television series would not prevent Big Finish from continuing the classic series in audio form. Continue Reading


A Reminder from the Friends of Doug Festivity Leadership Committee

Friends of Doug is proud to welcome the members of its international charters.

Friends of Doug suggests a visit to the Doug Acquaintanceship Booth for a map of the pavilion ground and a free ‘DOUG 2K14’ lapel badge. This year’s Featured Dougsigner is Marc Ferreira, who has been a Friend of Doug since 1997.

Friends of Doug also suggests avoiding certain points of contention to be later addressed in the keynote for Dougstravaganza 2014. These include which vendors are legally licensed to sell Doug-related merchandise and apparel, this November’s Lesterfest, and Doug’s sister Candace.

After last year’s Dougstravaganza Open Q&A Panel, Friends of Doug believes attendees will understand why.

And on one final note, Friends of Doug encourages all attendees to be sure to respectfully enjoy one another’s company.