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Patch Notes Studio Professional Amiga ST Export Module

  • LEVEL EDITOR: Tilesets can now be mixed freely!  Your dreams of mixing Doctor’s Office with Pet Crematorium and Apartment Building That Is Really Cramped And Honestly Kind of Shitty But It’s In The City So You Put Up With It can now be realized!
  • LEVEL EDITOR: Added the following tools: Particle Editor, Surface Editor, Relationship Editor, Job Editor, Hobby Editor, Public Transit Editor, Magazine Editor, and Deli Editor
  • BALANCE: You can no longer import your character into a custom level where all food has no calories and gorge on sweets and greasy fast food with no consequences, then import back into the main campaign.
  • GRAPHICS: Transitions between tilesets are smoother and do not suffer from hall of mirrors effects, except the actual Hall Of Mirrors tileset, which, that’s what you want
  • LEVEL EDITOR: Limitations implemented so that one guy on Steam Workshop will stop submitting levels that are just big cubic rooms with a pile of dolls in the center and a diving board.  You know who you are.  Stop that.

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WCYL-TV Online Streaming – 9/15 New Additions

The One With Child Baseball
With Rachel and Monica still trapped in child form from the old woman’s curse, Phoebe decides to enroll them in a little league team to try to keep their spirits up.  Unfortunately, Joey and Ross get a little too aggressive in their sideline cheering, igniting a brawl with the other parents.  Meanwhile, Chandler goes into labor.

Babylon 5: Resurrection
Never Cross A Flortigian
Captain Reece begins having nightmares that seem all too real after refusing to pay gambling debts on Flortig VII.  Robotic Tristan and Lt. Pryce get lost in the seedy part of the kuiper belt and learn a valuable lesson about pride and racial stereotypes.  Normal Tristan’s cat escapes her quarters and runs roughshod over the visiting diplomatic envoy from Rodentia.  Meanwhile, Sgt. Haarm goes into labor.

Project Runway Nights
The Garment District Gorefiend’s Revenge
While Tim investigates a series of involuntary werewolf sterilizations in SoHo, Heidi fears that her old nemesis has returned when a series of brutal supernatural slayings grips the Garment District.  Meanwhile, NegaHeidi goes into labor.

The Simpsons
Spare Thee Not My Wrath, Young Ones
Homer begins hanging out with Old Testament God (guest star Nick Offermann) in an effort to make Marge as jealous as he is of her frequent lunch outings with New Testament God (guest star Kristen Schaal).  Lisa panics when she realizes her nightmarish visions (guest star Andrew W.K.) are coming true.  Meanwhile, Bart goes into labor.


Selected Placards from Ori Chon’s MoMA Exhibition “Inert 1”

Falling Air (2013)
charcoal on paper

With but a handful of choppy scribbles and flecks of form, the artist makes the eye do the work, drawing attention in a sweeping current around the work as deftly as a salmon might leap upstream. Ultimately, that s the true medium: attention. The viewer is reminded harshly but rightly that the only parts of a work that exist in our minds are the parts we notice.

Reasonable Doubt (2012)
copper wire and wood

Much has been made of transgressive art, but all too often, artists hold back from the one dimension of confrontation that truly matters: that against the viewer. Here, the artist explores depths of true disgust that are not seen when an artist aims their appeal at a distant target, the way one might satire an abstract social trend. The target of the artist’s enmity here is the audience, thus enabling us, as the victim, to experience something truly engaging.

Christmas Trees (2014)

Don’t be tempted to immediately look away. You will miss so many subtleties. While the imagery, the basic aesthetics, or even the medium itself might repulse you, there is wisdom in that horror. Here the artist takes a mundane activity most of us do every day and escalates it to a grim, hedonistic apotheosis. If you find in this no truth, no excruciating epiphany, then you are unlikely to find it anywhere.

Jolly Good Fellow (2017)
film projection upon painted tin sheet

While mostly notable for its part in history, the actual artistic value of this piece can’t be denied. Divorced from all controversy, we see an expression of grief and bittersweet longing that is simultaneously powerful and terribly fragile. Curator’s note: This is, of course, a replica, but it was constructed from the artist’s explicit instructions.

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