A Reminder from the Friends of Doug Festivity Leadership Committee

Friends of Doug is proud to welcome the members of its international charters.

Friends of Doug suggests a visit to the Doug Acquaintanceship Booth for a map of the pavilion ground and a free ‘DOUG 2K14’ lapel badge. This year’s Featured Dougsigner is Marc Ferreira, who has been a Friend of Doug since 1997.

Friends of Doug also suggests avoiding certain points of contention to be later addressed in the keynote for Dougstravaganza 2014. These include which vendors are legally licensed to sell Doug-related merchandise and apparel, this November’s Lesterfest, and Doug’s sister Candace.

After last year’s Dougstravaganza Open Q&A Panel, Friends of Doug believes attendees will understand why.

And on one final note, Friends of Doug encourages all attendees to be sure to respectfully enjoy one another’s company.


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