Kellogg Healthic Institution Course Catalog - Fall 2019 Semester

Kellogg Healthic Institution Course Catalog - Fall 2019 Semester

Preventive Medicine

PM1001 Introductory Survey of Preventive Medicine

Begin your intensive study of MEDICAL PRACTICE and VITAL WORKINGS with a cursory but thorough examination of all relevant areas of study, plus a solid grounding in the basics. Three-hour once-weekly sessions available, extended slightly for a convenience break halfway through during which students may enjoy their scheduled tobacco infusion and digestive discs.

PM1002 Compleat History of Healthic Medicine

The second, more specialized part of your introduction to the field covers the gradual evolution of our modern methods, from the dark days of abject quackery right up to contemporary advances in humourism and aura management.

PM 1010 Preventive Medicine for Non-Majors

It is useful, we at KHI believe, for even the most common layman to have a solid groundings in the processes and delicate mysteries of his own mind, bowels and tempers. This class provides fundamental instructings in medicinal care of the corpus homo for those people among us who have decided, for whichever reason, that our arts or theatre programmes are a better use of their precious time.

PM 1020 Tonics and Elixirs, and their Proper Administrations

Vital oils, tinctures and physio-potables have come a long way since the days of medicinal bread molds and extracting medicine from cow sores. Learn the latest techniques in healthful compoundings, humour-balancing potions and homeopathic solutions. Requires PM 1001, PM 1002

PM 1021 Advanced Tonicism

A more comprehensive survey of tonical and elictive therapies, with focus on enema-based applications and stimulated bathing. Requires PM 1020, $4 materials fee

PM 1030 Orgones and Vital Magnetism (TM)

Students will learn essential guidelines for instructing their future patients in the prosperous balancing of their orgones through erotic hygiene, purity of diet and auto-flagellistic therapy. Requires PM 1001, PM 1002

PM 1101 Research Methods

Offered only in Spring

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