Containment Sector Incoming Artifact Manifest 2022-11-18b

Containment Sector Incoming Artifact Manifest 2022-11-18b
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash
  • Golden statuette of an arcade cabinet; putting quarters into it reportedly gives one the ability to cheat death once per inserted coin
  • Enchanted mirror that shows the viewer things that were, things that are, and things that could come to pass if the viewer wasn't such a stupid asshole all the time
  • Spherical compass with the standard directions (North, South, East, West) and a strange non-euclidean pointer labelled "Super Left"
  • A crystal containing a fragment of D.B. Cooper's shattered consciousness; The organization is now in possession of nine such crystals, and it is believed a total of twelve remain extant
  • An ornate glass cruet containing the last remaining 19 ounces in the world of werewolf cum, before they evolved to reproduce via cell division
  • Leather bandolier of alchemical potion vials, including standards such as healing, tax code memorization, and je ne sais quoi
  • The incredibly dangerous T.G.I. Friday's secret menu, already responsible for many major geopolitical shifts, recovered from a set of untagged airport luggage that also contained a FabergĂ© egg and a paperback copy of The Secret
  • C++ to Draconic translation phrasebook, worn and outdated 1872 edition
  • Revolver that shoots highly specific abstract emotions; cylinder contains unfired rounds of "Magic School Bus nostalgia (books not TV show)" and "grief for a once-treasured friendship that had become toxic gradually over years"
  • This manifest from the previous iteration of the day, November 18a, with one notable difference