Episode Guide: Killings File

Episode Guide: Killings File

Killings File was a 2006 reboot of the classic The Strauss File series, starring Paul Credenza as Detective Stanley Ross.  (The name Strauss was considered “too foreign” by network executives.)  Eight episodes were produced, though only four aired.

While Rome Burns
Detective Stanley Ross arrives at his new post in the homicide/terrorism department of the Free City PD.  His skills are immediately tested when a sleeper cell of narcoleptic arsonists intermittently awakens, but who are they working for, and what is their connection with the ostensibly respectable Chemtrailium Corporation?

Blink And You’ll Miss It
Ross thinks there’s more to an accidental optometrist decapitation than meets the eye, but someone on the city council has an interest in a fast resolution with no one looking too closely.  The key eyewitness who could unveil everything is an adorable street urchin named Mandy (Sarah-Marie Streppe).

Out Of Time
Mandy has been kidnapped, and now Ross is in a race against time to win a series of street races against a man known only as the  Street King.  Who is the Street King, and what connection does he have to the vice president of the Chemtrailium Corporation?

Sea Urchin
A pleasant fishing trip with Mandy turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse when a pack of ocelots begins tracking them across the archipelago.  But what is Project Mouse, and what is its connection to the biowarfare division of the Chemtrailium Corporation?

The remaining four episodes are finally being released once a week on Netflix starting in September.