Missed Connections, City of Dis Metropolitan Area

Missed Connections, City of Dis Metropolitan Area
  • m4w: a large piece of my torso with head attached floated by you down the river of blood while you were forced to mercy kill a wounded bird with a rock when you were 14 again and again for eternity;  our eyes met for a moment and it seemed like we both felt a reprieve from our torment, if only for a second.
  • w4w: your disembodied leg is one of many in a wall of such that kicks at me as I pass every morning on the way to work;  you have lovely taste in hosiery and I’d like to meet the rest of you.
  • w4w: entered your window intending to seduce you into a tryst during which i would eat your life force, as is my wont, but you were crying and eating ice cream so I ended up talking you through your recent breakup, then fleeing into the night as you drifted off to sleep;  wanted to check up on how you were doing but there’s renovation scaffolding blocking your window and I can’t figure out where the ground entrance to your building is.
  • m4m: you are across from me in the physician’s office waiting room we and a few other lost souls have been patiently waiting in for the last eighteen months and change, and I don’t have the courage to strike up a conversation; hoping you read this on that tablet you keep checking.
  • w4m: you’re a few cells down in this oubliette and we’ve been exchanging passed notes, but I’ve run out of toilet parchment on which to write responses and my neighbors on both sides are not being forthcoming. hoping this message finds its way to you somehow; i still like you. :)

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