ZetaCritic: John Stalvern's Mindwarp (1998)

ZetaCritic: John Stalvern's Mindwarp (1998)

“Though the puppetry effects are often impressive, the main thing Mindwarp leaves you with is a profound sense that director John Stalvern is dangerously insane.”
–Robert Bell, Minneapolis Tribune

“It’s no Apocalypse Now, but if you’re willing to overlook a deeply unsettling scene of interspecies lovemaking that has nothing to do with the plot, Mindwarp is a journey into the heart of darkness worth taking.”
–Tom Jennings, Tricounty Beacon

“Everything I can see is ash grey.  Activities and films that once gave me great joy only make the hollowness Mindwarp chewed inside of me ache more deeply.  I pray that my family will understand when they find my body.  Ava, I’m so sorry.”
–Roger Wiffleton, Akron Review

“The cinematography is often gorgeous, and Stalvern’s attention to detail when it comes to alien genitalia is awe-inspiring.  A definite thumbs up.”
–Roger Ebert, Chicago Tribune

Audience Selection:
“i gouged my eyes out during the alien masturbation scene but now all i can see is that fucking claw furiously moving up and down that god damned spongey alien wang”

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