Excerpt from the Hintbook for Phantasmagoria 3: The Flensing

Excerpt from the Hintbook for Phantasmagoria 3: The Flensing

In 1999, long after the FMV game boom had withered and died, Sierra quietly released Phantasmagoria 3: The Flensing on a single DVD in some European and Asian markets.  Aside from a cameo by a drunk and confused Roberta Williams, no personnel from either of the first two games returned, and no notable actors were involved.  A hintbook could be bought in some European markets for 40 zlotys or 39 shmeckles, and copies of it are coveted by collectors due to their rarity.  A section from this hintbook is reproduced here for historical value.

Q: How can I get the doorman at the fleshreapers’ highrise entrance to take my fake membership card?
A: Real fleshreaper membership cards are made of reaped flesh. Your fake one is clearly construction paper. You need to resolve this.

Q: I went back to the skinlab and put the card in the fleshanizer, but it said there isn’t enough mass to properly fleshanize it. What now?
A: You don’t need to turn the construction paper into flesh, you need to print a copy of the fake card on real reaped flesh.

Q: How do I load the sheet of reaped flesh into the copy machine back at my office?
A: The sheet needs to be a little flatter to fit. Where can you find something to flatten it?

Q: I used the rolling pin from the restaurant kitchen to flatten the reaped flesh and fit it into the copy machine, but now the copy machine is out of toner. Where do I get more toner?
A: [complex multipage diagram not reproduced]

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