Monthly Newsletter for November 2021 Monthly Newsletter for November 2021
Photo by Siednji Leon / Unsplash

What's up, fellow locusts?  It's ya girl SharkBoy51 here again in your email inbox and continuing to wish the forum software supported username changes.  Hard to believe the festivities for the 23rd anniversary of the site's first upload are over, but that doesn't mean there aren't dozens of worthwhile new mods to go over, and hundreds more that we will overlook because they are low-effort and/or in some way actively terrifying.

Before all that, though, some sad news:  One of LocusMods' OG moderators has passed away.  Bjorn Filberstroop, 69 (nice?), aka TheBloodyBear, finally gave up the fight against his longstanding endocrine health issues on October 24th.  TheBloodyBear was one of the very first four moderators appointed by the entity we still know only as The Admin back in 1998 when the site was still a .com, before it was eventually kicked off of every American TLD for refusing to take down any of the numerous explicit porn mods for Ultima Online.  In the timeless words of TheBloodyBear himself during that dark time: "Listen, at that resolution you can barely tell they're performing sex acts, let alone discern any kind of human age."  That kind of brutal honesty will be missed, buddy.  If there is a Valhalla for user content upload moderators, surely you are there now, drinking a Monster Energy and swatting the latest idiot who thinks it's funny to spell your name as "Born Fildwithpoop" in their ban appeal message.

Anyway, onto the meat of the newsletter, what you've all been waiting for:

The October 2021 Upload of the Month!

This time it's gotta be the inimitable Project Jormungandr 8.0, the latest edition of the total overhaul mod for the venerable classic open world viking action RPG Twilight of the Thunder God.  If you've never played Ukrainian developer Ice Cube House's brutal 60-hour swan song, Project Jormungandr is essential to install before your first playthrough.  It fixes dozens of the hundreds of outstanding bugs left in the final official patch, restores cut content including entire questlines and maps, and adds a controversial player pregnancy mechanic that we're going to gloss over here so as not to rehash the ongoing "discourse" in the forum megathread.  The 8.0 update, fresh out of beta, adds eleven new notable bug fixes, plus all-new amateur voice acting for the previously unvoiced dialogue lines in the cut content!  Let me tell you, the new voice stuff is...  It has heart.  Moxie, even!

Moving on, can't forget the runner-up for upload of the month:  All Pixie All The Time for Jet Aerials VII, which adds the lovable companion drone Pixie 183 to every single mission of the critically acclaimed air combat sim, without requiring you to spend a missile slot on mounting her control antenna!

The remainder of the newsletter will consist of my favorite Pixie 183 fan art that I found on JetBooru.

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