Patch Notes Studio Professional Amiga ST Export Module

Patch Notes Studio Professional Amiga ST Export Module
  • LEVEL EDITOR: Tilesets can now be mixed freely!  Your dreams of mixing Doctor’s Office with Pet Crematorium and Apartment Building That Is Really Cramped And Honestly Kind of Shitty But It’s In The City So You Put Up With It can now be realized!
  • LEVEL EDITOR: Added the following tools: Particle Editor, Surface Editor, Relationship Editor, Job Editor, Hobby Editor, Public Transit Editor, Magazine Editor, and Deli Editor
  • BALANCE: You can no longer import your character into a custom level where all food has no calories and gorge on sweets and greasy fast food with no consequences, then import back into the main campaign.
  • GRAPHICS: Transitions between tilesets are smoother and do not suffer from hall of mirrors effects, except the actual Hall Of Mirrors tileset, which, that’s what you want
  • LEVEL EDITOR: Limitations implemented so that one guy on Steam Workshop will stop submitting levels that are just big cubic rooms with a pile of dolls in the center and a diving board.  You know who you are.  Stop that.

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