Patch Notes: Title Update 81b for Workgroups

Patch Notes:  Title Update 81b for Workgroups
  • BALANCE: Guns now fire bullets rather than other, smaller guns.
  • BALANCE: Layout of CTF map Fortress of Suffering altered so that it is possible for the red team to win sometimes.
  • FIX: In chapter 3 of the campaign, the fireplace no longer infinitely spawns hellhounds if you break the photo frame on the mantle.
  • FIX: The surface of the pond in chapter 8 of the campaign no longer shatters like glass if struck by gunfire, leaving a dry dirt bed below.
  • GRAPHICS: Due to shifting industry trends, the game is less brown and the post-processing filter now implements aggressive depth of field making anything farther away than a stone’s throw a blurry mess.
  • PHYSICS: Bras removed from female player models due to (overwhelmingly male) player feedback.

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